Branding and Logistics

We at AMC marry expertise in marketing and communication strategy with an understanding of the logistics industry, so clients benefit from:

Targeted advice from someone with a successful track record of marketing logistics servicesIndustry knowledge, with little or no learning curveExperience across a range of service providersExisting relationships with journalists, consultants and associations that service the logistics industryOur Focus

We are a small, specialty agency focused on one industry — the logistics industry.  This allows us to maintain the industry knowledge and contacts required to help our clients succeed.

Our Approach

In the logistics services industry, many companies that look and sound alike are competing for the same customers.  We believe marketing success depends on having a PROMISE to the market that is different and compelling enough to be heard above the significant noise level in the industry.

So we start with some basic, but pretty important, questions.  What value do you drive for customers?  How is your solution different or better?  What companies and markets offer the best match for your value proposition?  Answers to these and other strategic questions help us define your core promise to customers, with messaging that is simple, clear and powerful.

Once this strategic platform is established, we recommend and execute the marketing and communication strategy programs best suited to reinforce the value of your brand among those most likely to purchase your services.

Then we measure results to determine what’s working and what’s not (we prefer to stick with the stuff that’s working).

A brand activation can integrate experiential marketing activities with the main focus  on demonstrating the brand’s value to people in an inviting, engaging and significant way.

Brand activation marketing are often applied to consumer packaged goods (CPG) although can include apps demos or service-based company demonstrations.

Brand activation marketing is a popular form of marketing as it is one of the best ways to change brand perception and influence future purchase decisions.

Examples range from a beverage company sampling products on a hot day to a cosmetics brand offering consumers makeovers at an outdoor music festival as both demonstrate the value at opportune times.

Activations can take place on-the-street, at events, inside malls, on-campus and numerous other locations.

We at AMC help companies and agencies with brand activation planning, location scouting, production, staff training, onsite management, execution, reporting, content capture and analysis.

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